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Latex Rose Flower with Stalk

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Latex Rose Flower with Stalk

“Keep love in your heart. A life without it is like a sunless garden when the flowers are dead." 
- Oscar Wilde, Poet, 1854-1900 

One-of-a-kind original design exclusive to Dead Lotus Couture, the Rose Flower with Stalk is elegant, simple and sophisticated. Perfect as a present or decoration, this flower will last as long as your eternal love.  

ø 7cm/2.7inch 

Buy a bouquet to make an enduring impression.  
Half Dozen (6): £400 
Full Dozen (12): £750 

You may never have to buy fresh flowers again!

What do rose colours mean?

Choose the colour with meaning. Each colour can give the Latex Rose a deeper, longer-lasting significance. 

Show somebody your eternal love with a red latex rose. Red stands for passion, love, romance and desire as well as appreciation and commitment. It’s the classic colour for a rose. Perfect for someone you love. 

Give a black rose to denote change, new beginnings and influence. Black is not only for mourning or the gothic. Black stands for power, sophistication and prestige. Perfect for signalling a new chapter. 

A pink rose is great for expressing thanks to someone special. Pink roses are feminine, elegant, refined and sweet, and can show gratitude, gentleness and joy. Perfect to say thank you.v

White roses symbolise cleanliness, hope and new beginnings. White means purity, innocence and youthfulness and white roses are often called 'bridal roses'. Perfect for showing purity and a fresh start.

Send a yellow rose to signify friendship, caring and affection, perfect to cheer up someone you care about. Yellow is the happiest colour radiating warmth, joy and optimism. Perfect for cheering up a friend. 

Present a blue rose to someone who has beaten the odds, is unique and individualistic. It's a calming colour, associated with trust and loyalty. Blue roses can convey mystery or achieving the unattainable. Perfect to celebrate success.

Not found in the natural world, a silver rose can be a distinctive gift for someone with style and sophistication. The unique precious metal colour is associated with wealth, craftsmanship and healing. Perfect to symbolise recovery. 


Larger bouquet special prices: 
Dead Lotus Couture original design ©2015 
Tax included.

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