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OPERIO Luxury Collection Latex Outfits for Women from Celebrities' Favourite Latex Designer

OPERIO is Dead Lotus Couture’s latest collection of designer latex outfits for women. This collection revels in its playful takes on classic styles, inspired by cult cinema, decadent disco and menacing monsters.
The bold colours, edgy cuts, innovative materials will twist heads and snap necks at the office, at a cocktail party or a night out. These designer latex outfits for women are stunning and a touch intimidating.
Discover your new skin of luxury latex and faux fur and empower yourself to reveal the new you. The whole world is a stage, and the world can be a dangerous place.
We only use the highest quality all-natural latex rubber, sustainably sourced.
All the outfits are hand-made in London by celebrities’ favourite latex designer Nange Magro.

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