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MANTIS Leotard Bodysuit


MANTIS Leotard Bodysuit

The headliner of Dead Lotus Couture's Mugler-inspired capsule collection, the official MANTIS Leotard Bodysuit is instantly recognisable as one of the most iconic looks of Lady Gaga's Chromatica Ball. Now also available as the Enigmatic Gaga Skin on Fortnite.

Shockingly insectoid motifs, inspired by classic tattoo art, adorn the leotard, framing and accentuating the feminine figure. A high collar in luscious extra thick latex lends a distinctively Dead Lotus Couture twist to this Mugler-inspired design, which has been created to perfectly complement the iconic Chromatica aesthetic. MANTIS Leotard Bodysuit comes with a back zip for easy wear.
MANTIS Leotard comes either with or without crystal embellishments.

To enquire about the MANTIS Leotard, please contact

MANTIS Leotard Bodysuit is made from the best quality natural latex.
Body Shaping Design. All orders are sent powdered as standard, to help protect your garment; if you would prefer your purchase to be shined, please select our pre-shine service. In cases of made to measure orders, you will be contacted by email to arrange payment of the 35% extra fee.

Zip Colour - Black
Body Colour - Electric Lilac
Detail - Black

Each item is handmade and specifically designed to accentuate your body's shape at its best (body shaper enchanting)
info/questions: - Dead Lotus Couture original design ©2022

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