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Latex Painting "Corpo" (Art Piece)

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Latex Painting "Corpo" (Art Piece)

Corpo (2023)

Latex on latex


Corpo (2023) is a vibrant, visceral embodiment of designer Nange Magro's personal journey. Using art as a cathartic release - facilitating an exploration of the depths of her emotions - Nange created this piece as an introspection on mind, body and sexuality.

In an effort to turn her inner turmoil into art, Nange turned to a reinterpretation of a classic latex marbling technique recalling Japanese calligraphy. Drawing inspiration from her personal fascination for horror, Nange created a latex "canvas" reminiscent of blood splashed across antique paper. Shapes reminiscent of Koi fish emerge enigmatically from the latex, recalling opulent Japanese screens.

When creating this piece, Nange considered the motif of hair, and the ways in which her own hair was representative of her personal struggles. Having suffered from chronic illness for much of 2023, simple tasks such as brushing her hair became impossible. Having such messy and unkempt hair became a constant emotional battle and a visual reminder of the state of her body and of her mind. In Corpo, hair splashes like blood from Nange's dismembered head, as a symbol of all the seemingly insignificant tasks that illness turned into nearly insurmountable challenges.

The painted imagery, delicate yet explicit, is reminiscent of Japanese woodblock prints. In all her work - paintings and garments - Nange strives to elevate latex, and to redefine it, whilst also paying homage to its place in the fetish and alternative scenes. Here the erotic imagery of the vulva is reminiscent of religious art, creating a powerful symbiosis between the spiritual and the corporeal - between the sacred and the profane. Corpo is a physical reflection of Nange's view that sexuality transcends the boundaries of fetishism and extends into the realm of artistry and connection.


This series of unique, hand-painted latex artworks represent designer Nange Magro's pioneering foray into a new form of art. Nange is the first to create unique hand painted latex pieces such as these. As well as incorporating this technique into avant garde Dead Lotus Couture designs, Nange is offering the chance to own a unique piece of chic latex art, each of which is perfect to adorn your wall.

Each one-of-a-kind piece is personally hand painted by Nange, and is perfect for lovers of art and connoisseurs of latex alike.

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