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CARAPACE Bolero Jacket

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CARAPACE Bolero Jacket

"I'm half living my life between reality and fantasy at all times." Lady Gaga (b. 1986)

Part of our Mugler-inspired capsule collection, made famous by the iconic MANTIS Leotard worn by Lady Gaga at the Chromatica Ball, CARAPACE is a daring addition to any ensemble. A contrasting collar in thick latex, winds its way around your neck and frames the upper body, accentuating the feminine form. Sturdy boning keeps the collar upright, ensuring it always looks picture perfect, and inbuilt shoulder pads create a powerful silhouette. Meanwhile, striking insectoid motifs on each elbow, inspired by classic tattoo art, perfectly complement our CHRYSALIS Dress.

The CARAPACE Bolero is a Body Shaping Design made from the best quality natural latex. 
Body Colour - Matte Black
Detail & Collar - Electric Lilac
Wear it with:
Each item is handmade and specifically designed to accentuate your body's shape at its best (body shaper enchanting)
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