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How to put on your latex purchase
To perfectly slip into your latex purchase it is recommended to use talcum powder on the inside of the garment or directly to your skin before wearing. (Spreading the talcum on the outside part of the item will cover the shiny effect of the latex which will need, in this case,to be shined again).
A less messy and more practical option is to spray some of Dead Lotus latex shiner dressing aid on your body which will allow a super easy slip into your dress.
In General
Household oils, mechanical oils, greases and solvents can cause serious damage on your latex garments as extreme heat will melt the latex.
Sunlight causes discoloration.Water and high humidity will destroy and discolor the latex.
Keep it dry and give it enough time to dry after you washed it. Metal (especially copper) and nicotine will stain the latex.
Sharp objects including long nails can cause holes or rip your latex garment. Latex will tear very easily if it is pulled or snagged, so you need to be careful when you put on your clothing. Sweat will damage in the long term your latex, so it is suggested to wash it off.
How to wash latex clothing
Fill your bathtub , a bucket or whatever youhave, with some hand warm water, put one or two drops of mild shampoo or baby shampoo (normal clothing soap can cause problems) in and wash your latex with it. Afterwards rinse it well with fresh water (so that no shampoo remains).
Refill the bucket with some new water and a couple of teaspoons of Dead Lotus latex shiner dressing aid and wash your purchase with it. Once the latex item feels all slippery (inside and outside) put it on a hanger (wooden or plastic) and let it dry.
After washing, the latex becomes difficult to handle. Remedy this by using more Dead Lotus latex shiner dressing aid, or if none is available talcum powder can be used.
When storing your garment hang in a cool dry place.
If folded, ensure you place white tissue paper between the latex and any metal fastenings or buttons to avoid any possibility of staining.
Take care with light colors (white and transparent). Best storage would be in a plastic clothing bag.
To shine it up
For the best shine up, you can use Dead Lotus latex shiner dressing aid, just spray it on your garment (best while wearing) and rub it slightly into the latex with a cloth or your hands.

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