Exclusive Gift with new OPERIO Collection!

Receive an Exclusive Gift of a Latex
Rose Flower with Stalk
with your order of
Dead Lotus Couture’s new OPERIO Collection when placed before St. Valentine’s Day.

Dead Lotus Couture would like to thank you for discovering our new OPERIO Collection.
We are proud of our designer outfits in this collection and we are delighted to hand-make this beautiful Latex Rose Flower with Stalk as seen in Madonna’s ‘The World of Madame X’ documentary, exclusively for you with your orders of OPERIO.

We hope you will treasure your OPERIO designer pieces in latex or faux fur and this Exclusive Gift as much as we treasure you, our friend and client. 

Thank you.

Nange Magro
Fashion Designer, Dead Lotus Couture

“Keep love in your heart. A life without it is like a sunless garden when the flowers are dead." 
- Oscar Wilde, Poet, 1854-1900 

Latex Rose

One-of-a-kind original design exclusive to Dead Lotus Couture, the Rose Flower with Stalk is elegant, simple and sophisticated. Perfect as a present or decoration, this flower will last as long as your eternal love.  


The TERMS & CONDITIONS are simple and elegant just like our designer collection.

This is an exclusive offer available only at deadlotuscouture.com shop, with qualifying purchases.

The Exclusive Gift is available on orders of specific OPERIO Collection outfits and items, placed on deadlotuscouture.com before midnight of February 14, 2020.

The Exclusive Gift of a latex Rose Flower with Stalk is available only with qualifying orders of complete OPERIO outfits or individual items whose names begin with: ARMUM, BELLUM, BESTIA, CELARIO, DIABO, KIUSA, MALUM, MONSTRUM (excluding MONSTRUM Hood or MONSTRUM Hood with Fringe), OCCULTA, and PLUVIA.

For the purposes of this offer, a complete Outfit will be considered ONE item.

Gift is not transferable. Cash or material substitutions for the Exclusive Gift of Rose Flower with Stalk are not available.

Place several orders to create a beautiful bouquet, but Dead Lotus Couture reserves the right to limit the number of Exclusive Gifts per customer.

When selecting your OPERIO order, simply select the colour of the Rose Flower with Stalk before checking out. If you miss this step, you can contact us on sales@deadlotuscouture.com.

We make beautiful clothes from beautiful materials. We are not lawyers, but we trust that we will all play fair according to the laws of England and Wales.

If you have a question, please don't hesitate to contact us at info@deadlotuscouture.com.