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"...I entertained strong hopes of obtaining the happiest results 
from my proposed researches.
Though accustomed to a more tranquil kind of operations in my closet, 
and little acquainted with anatomical dissections, the love of truth, 
and a desire to throw some light on the system of Galvanism, 
overcame all my repugnance, 
and I proceeded to the following experiments. 
Experiments made on human bodies after death
Giovanni Aldini, An account of the late improvements in galvanism (1803) 
ELECTRIKA MAD is a dress made from the best quality natural latex,
graceful puffy sleeves and Trims/buttons are in contrast with the body
and inspired by the look of a scientist coat  
Back zip for easy wear.
Infinite colour combinations available.
Designed to match:
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Dead Lotus Couture original design ©2014

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