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Celaeno is the first of three outfits inspired 
by the famous tale of Little Red Riding Hood...
Each one of them has a hidden harpy soul.
Celaeno, the obscure...
... Free of the waves I’m welcomed first by the shores
of the Strophades, the Clashing Islands. The Strophades
are fixed now in the great Ionian Sea, but are called
by the Greek name. There dread Celaeno and the rest
of the Harpies live...
Vergil's Aeneid, III, 354-358
CELAENO dress is a long latex dress that has an elegant siren skirt, 
which gently highlights the female curves at their best.
The generous but subtle push up neckline follows 
through to the hood shape, to form 
an immediately recognisable mysterious look 
which strongly characterizes this design.
An intriguing detail is found in the two zippers
at the back.
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