Collection: -SAKURAN-
The beauty of the geisha is held in her multiple forms of art,
elegance and sensuality..
It is a different way to be a woman in many sensuous aspects...
...A rare jewel to admire and appreciate.
Sakuran collection wants to explore all the prestigious elements of
the geisha's fascinating world.
In particular, Dorei Dress embraces her graceful
and most obsequious nuances.
Dorei Dress is a latex knee length dress that is immediately 
recognisable by the corset mask which can be opened with a frontal zip.
When this zip is closed,
small eyelets on the front facilitate breathing.
To avoid any irritation with the face, 
a line of delicate cotton ribbon covers the zips inside.
Other important elements in the design are the two sinuous side cut outs
and the elegant line of buttons at the center back of the dress.
Customisable with different color combinations.
Style and look to possibly match with
SAKURAN Leg warmers :
YOKU Skirt:
SAKURAN Long Kimono Sleeves:
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Dead Lotus Couture original design ©2013

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