SAKURA Fascinator top hat

Collection: -PETIT MORTELLE-
PETITE MORTELLE is a collection
that merges Baroquesque and Victorian elegance
with Gothic Lolita 's cuteness.
Sexy curves are adorned by playful frills, laces or cameos.
Elegance and doll beauty
are primary words in PETITE MORTELLE's world
where femininity becomes an absolute queen.
Sakura fascinator top hat
Sakura fascinator top hat is made from the finest quality and natural latex.
This cute head accessory sets firm and comfortably on your hair.
A little framed cameo in contrast, gives this design its particular and sophisticated look.
Sexy and feminine, it is the perfect item to complete any outfit.
Infinite colour combinations available.
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Dead Lotus Couture original design ©2014

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